The Case Of The Pubis VW Bug

California Highway Patrol in the Los Angeles area recently found some amusement filling out accident reports in a series of car accidents. As it turned out, drivers were losing control and running into other vehicles upon seeing a giant women’s pubis displayed on the front part of an oncoming car.

The CHP started frantically looking for the dangerous pubis and came upon the tracks of a young hairdresser named Nelly Node. Nelly’s passion for the arts made the young woman photograph her own crotch and put the zoomed picture on her Volkswagen Beetle. Nelly decided to use such a shameless method to prepare her college course work in which she analyzed the art of design. The witty student’s idea worked for the college professors.

She was proudly driving her ‘pubic beetle’ until the CHP arrested the woman. The court ruled that Nelly’s car was creating a dangerous situation on the roads. The girl had to paint over her car’s hood.

Here’s a picture of her VW before she had to repaint it.

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16 Responses to The Case Of The Pubis VW Bug

  1. kevin says:

    it’s good she the picture of her pubis painted over before she had a head on collision with car that has a picture of male genitals on the hood. HA HA HA

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’d hit it.

  3. L2 says:

    Wonder what’s “under” the hood?


  4. Benoit Coté says:

    @ L2: why, useful space to put things.

    Sheesh. B.

  5. NOTR says:

    First surfaced on the Internet in 2005. Some say it was from a Russian website, some suggest it was a bit of satire.

    But what it isn’t for sure is something the CHP has encountered “recently.”

  6. govzgeek says:

    I’m glad I don’t own that car. My wife would then start complaining that I didn’t know where the handle was.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Mario says:

    I’ll paint my willy in back of my Mercedes and convince my girlfriend to paint her pubis in the front of her Corolla

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bad Photoshop

  10. Spacey says:

    Really Bad Photoshop.. creative tho

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think her crotch has a bug in it..

  12. dick head says:

    wow how hot

  13. Me-Mo says:

    L2,if you don’ know what’s under the “hood”,you may be in for a little trouble.Wait a minute,do you mean her “hood”,or the car’s hood? 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

    That right headlight looks as though it may need a new bulb.

  15. hautedawg says:


    You sure? I highly doubt you have either a Mercedes or a girlfriend. 😉

  16. Steve-o says:

    Hey. I think I dated that car once.

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