The Hunt For a Hidden Bomb Factory in NYC

Days after police and federal agents busted up a potential terrorist attack on New York City transportation systems, officials still aren’t sure they have captured everyone in on the plan.

Three men were recently arrested, including a father and son team, for attempting to detonate backpack bombs on Manhattan trains in a scheme similar to past attacks on Madrid and London’s rail systems.

Officials seized backpacks, computer notes and video of Grand Central Station, but the actual explosives-related material is still missing causing some concern. Searching for such items and additional suspects remain a very high priority for investigators.

Summarizing the current state of the investigation Newsweek stated, “One official with a broad overview of the probe indicated that authorities believe the danger of any attack resulting from the plot has likely dissipated as a result of the arrests and publicity. However, other officials said that it is too early to be confident that the alleged plot has been neutralized.”

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  1. I.M. Hopeful says:

    So far this represents really good work by the NYC Counterterroism force in conjunction with the FBI. I hope they get the materials and keep up the great work!!

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