The man who sunk the Titanic

Meet the man who sunk the Titanic, David Blair. Blair was a sailor on the ship who forgot his keys, the only set that open a locker in the crows nest that contains the binoculars. It is thought that if the lookout had the binoculars they would have never hit the iceberg. Here’s more

Man who sunk the Titanic

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2 Responses to The man who sunk the Titanic

  1. Protagonist says:

    The man who decided that the binoculars should be LOCKED is the one to blame, if all this nitpicking is to go on. That is a worse mistake. Course, maybe the public had access to that area, hence the lock.

  2. flubber says:

    omg thats so not fair it might not all of been his fault………………………..

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