The Nerd Is Back

Our previous hosting company, Bluehost, canceled our service without any notice, they literally pulled the plug without warning. Their reason was that the nerd was taking up too much resources, but we weren’t at the limits according to their own reports. Needless to say, Bluehost is the worst and we don’t recommend using them. It caused 3 days of downtime while we moved the site over to the new host. Here’s to a bright future!

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2 Responses to The Nerd Is Back

  1. Straws says:

    Damn straight…. I hate companies that do that. I can think of a few. Good to have you guys back. Thought you guys bit the dust just like…… that was saddening

  2. I.M.Hopeful says:

    Welcome back!! I’ve been checking in everyday.

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