The Smartest Man

smartest man

smartest man

smartest man

smartest man

smartest man

smartest man

smartest man

smartest man

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24 Responses to The Smartest Man

  1. George says:

    Next time check idiot and you will find out that the last two pictures of President Bush are fakes. Also, it is an old joke that has been in circulation for many, many years, only the players have changed.

  2. Skylar says:

    Fake or not, doesn’t really matter… you know why? Cause it’s a freakin’ joke!

  3. Matt says:

    That and the fact that the man is a complete moron.

  4. Bill Clinton says:

    Boy am I glad those photo’s of Monica and me have been moved to the back of the drawer!

  5. G Money says:

    Doesn’t matter anyway you slice it, curious George Bush is a douchebag!

  6. Someone says:

    Right on! He is the ‘smaretest’ of them all… LOL
    Get hin out of the white house and put someone who knows what he/she is doing. For the people I mean, not his own pocket…

  7. tuta says:

    Hey George u sound Bush friendly and it s really weird, u know

  8. Jack says:

    I did go to and found that only the upsidedown book is fake and the other one is very real in which they give reasons why the lens caps were still on,next time take the time to comprehend what you are reading idiot.

  9. Kinki says:

    I still recall what we used to call a “bush” when I was a kid in school!

  10. Rollo Jenkins says:

    Matt says: “That and the fact that the man is a complete moron”. The fact is the President Bush has a bachelor’s degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard…and I’ll bet that Matt can’t even spell “GED”…

  11. Rollo Jenkins says:

    Oh and for you Jack…find a grown up and have them help you get to Then type “Bush Binoculars” (sound it out…) in the search box and click on “Enter”. If you don’t know what the word “Undetermined” means, again…ask a trusted adult.

  12. doddo says:


    And I like the comments to especially the first one

  13. george washington says:

    I should have made it mandatory for all future presidents pass at least 80 in their IQ test!

  14. Fred Garvin says:

    Anyone who still sticks up for Bush these days just makes themselves look even more moronic than the king idiot himself.

  15. David says:

    Bush is a dangerous joke. I hate him and his supportsers. Nixon is alive in Bush. War is doing well, and the rich are happy. Fek ’em.

  16. Rollo Jenkins says:

    Fred Garvin…angry…ignorant…and impotent…Using silly terms like “more moronic” make you look, frankly, more moronic

  17. Rollo Jenkins says:

    To David…”hate” is a pretty strong word, but at least you spelled it correctly! As opposed to the word “supporters” which you incorrectly chose to spell this way, “supportsers”. I’m sure that all of your friends know that you are angry and ignorant…now we all do! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Bystander says:

    Rollo Jenkins, it seems you are attacking the opinions of others. He has a right to think the President is “moronic”. He also has the right to hate whomever he chooses.

    Also, it is rather childish to hold yourself superior to others because of typing errors. Even if you have differing opinions, it is surely better to support your opinions intelligently than to attack those of others by using such tactics. I appears infantile.

    One more thing, for the record, no matter where someone may get their degree from, or how many they have, a person can still be an ignorant, selfish, douchebag.

    All of these words are spelled correctly, omitting the last, which is not actually a true word at all, rather it is slang.

  19. Rollo Jenkins says:

    Bystander, Two minor corrections. You wrote, “I appears infantile” instead of “It appears infantile”. Unless you’re from the southern part of the USA and are describing yourself as appearing infantile, then you are wrong. (Trust me…you’re wrong)

    Also, you misspelled “douchebag” [sic]. It isn’t a slang term as you so ignorantly pointed out. It is two words (douche bag) or can be correctly spelled as a hyphenated word (douche-bag).

    Summary: You are an Infantile Douche Bag….

  20. breeze says:

    The only ones who are (infantile)as you put it are the ones who put him in office.

  21. NZer says:

    Rollo Jenkins, if you have not heard of the word “typo” it is a typographical error/mistake. I emphasize on the word mistake. So it is terribly childish of you to point out and assume that anybody is lees intelligent just because they have made a minor accidental typing error. And for your information Bystander was partly correct in pointing out that “douche bag” is a slang term because it is (as well as a vaginal cleaning instrument). So it seems you are the ignorant one.

    Summary: You are a childish and ignorant vaginal cleaning instrument…

  22. NZer says:

    I better correct my spelling mistake before you accuse me of not being able to spell. “less intelligent”

  23. Rollo Jenkins says:

    NZer, Correcting your spelling mistake won’t make you appear less intelligent. Your post does that nicely!

    Copying my posting method proves that you are not a very original or creative person either, which is another sign of being “less intelligent”.

    My only goal is to irritate you and other ignorant individuals like you. Thank you for confirming my success in writing (albeit rather poor writing)!

  24. The Mole says:

    i ditto george washington’s comment. (said with french accent)

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