Top 10 Secret Celeb Scientologists

These were all suprises to me, #1 is Charles Manson who reportedly took over 150 hours of Scientology courses and then disaffiliated, calling it “too crazy”. He then went on to become one of the most prolific serial killers of our time. Check it out

Charles Manson

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6 Responses to Top 10 Secret Celeb Scientologists

  1. Greg says:

    That’s a bunch of crap.

    Manson was NEVER a Scientologist. The truth is that he walked into a Scientology center and was denied services after an interview, and a note was placed in his file under his name as “PTS Type III” (Scientology code for “psychotic”) – and he was NEVER allowed back on Scientology premises again.

    This crap gets rehashed every decade or so just to attempt to smear Scientology. Check your sources. Your story is bull.

    Scientologist and proud of it

  2. sane man says:

    Hey Greg,

    Your so called “religion” is a bunch of crap. Scientology was founded by a con artist and is nothing but a scam.

    – J
    Sane and proud of it

  3. Elissa says:

    Wait wait… I know this is an old post btu I have to comment on Greg’s statement.

    Psychiatrists work to help people who are deemed psychotic. Yes, they often fail and they often miss people and many never receive any care, but psychiatrists try and continue to study and learn even when it is hard, even when they risk looking bad and when they think someone might be about to go out and become a serial killer they try extra hard to stop it from happening and make sure authorities know.
    Which is better for scientology? That Manson rejected them as too insane or that scientologists who say psychiatrists don’t work noticed what he was and were too pansy/fake/sel-absorbed to make any attempt at turning him around. If scientology is all it claims to be shouldn’t they have been able to limit his damage?? Apparently not.

  4. Sarah says:

    I thought any form or religion would have open arms towards all children of.. umm.. not sure what you believe in but come on… maybe you guys would have been the one’s to stop him from killing tons of people. Just a thought.. maybe you guys shouldn’t have shunned him out.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Scientology is a pathetic psuedo-religion that fleeces people every day. I went into a Scientology center in Austin once to check out what I had read on the Internet, as it all sounded too ridiculous to be true.

    The sad thing is, it is true.

    Scientology is indeed crap.

    Ponder this: After you have emptied all your pockets, you reach a status the Scientologists call “Clear.” At that point you are good-to-go and will join the founder, L Ron Hubbard, to live together on the planet Mars.

    Check it out – it’s true!

  6. Greg says:

    First of all, a bunch of pathetic ad-hominem attacks on my own person or on my religion do not alter the facts. This original post was bullsh*t based on false data.

    Secondly, psychiatrists and their drugs have “helped” a bunch of psychopaths become even more violent. If you check pretty much every news story of a school shooting you find a kid chockful of psychiatric drugs.

    To Elissa and Sarah:
    Our religion does indeed “open its arms to all children” – but it excludes those people who are deemed so evil and antisocial as to pose a risk to others.
    We are not the police. We are not out to arrest anyone. We just don’t want murderers in our fold. Period.

    To Jennifer:
    Have you even for a second considered that the bunch of bigoted lies and prejudiced slander you’ve heard about Scientology may NOT be the 100% truth? Jeez.

    Scientologist and proud of it

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