Toxic Greenpoint

Our friends at are at it again. This time exposing the crazy pollution that is Brooklyn after decades of heavy industrial activity. Enjoy:

Hey Nerd!!

Did you see the New York Times article in regards to the toxicity of the Greenpoint neighborhood. I wanted to just make you and your readers aware of a great video piece that did on the same issues. I think our visual story along with the article helps to paint a broad and detailed picture of the injustices being endured by the neighborhood.

Watch Toxic Brooklyn on VBS.TV

New York Times article

We decided to make a documentary about Williamsburg because our office is here and many of us have been lurking these parts for upwards of a decade. What had once been a bargain neighborhood close to Manhattan, albeit with some dangerous amenities, has now flourished into quite the sophisticated outpost. But what we here at Vice didn’t realize was that under all of this snazzy development was a subterranean environment heavily damaged by decades of industrial activity.

So we sent Derrick to tour the high and low points of Brooklyn’s boom: Williamsburg’s Radiac, the faded glory of Newtown Creek, shady developers building on unhealthy ground at every turn, the surreal majesty of Greenpoint’s sewage treatment and garbage transfer stations, plus the largest environmental disaster in the history of New York City–the Greenpoint Oil Spill.
Toxic Brooklyn is the story of people coping with some fine Industrial Era leftovers–a tale filled with villains, suspicious maestros and buckets and buckets of toxic goop.

Thanks for helping to raise awareness on this subject, if you have any questions let me know.

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