Unusual Photographs

Horse Chases Dog

Menacing Car

Shoe Motorcycle

Funny Image On Plane

Huge Beer Fridge

Kittens Hugging

Crecent Moon At Sunset

Toilet Bicycle

Big Fire, Small Bucket

Hoopty Passes Lambo

Bear On Golf Course

Huge Jellyfish

Dog Bites Cop

Motorcycle Crash - Rider Airborne

Little Kid Sandwhiched On Motorcycle

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258 Responses to Unusual Photographs

  1. Some Cunt says:

    This is just hilarious. So many idiots on here. I am so glad i’m not such a sad bastard as to participate in this meaningless and futile ‘debate’. Merry fucking Christmas .x.

  2. camilla says:

    the last one is just awful. poor kid. i feel bad for you.

  3. Mr Inky Arms says:

    Wow! Just Wow! You guys care a lot about that Lambo and Lada :-/

  4. That Guy From The Toy Store says:

    pic no. 5: 99 bottles of beer on the wall…

  5. Katizzle says:

    The fact that the 2 guys are pooping together is what gets me. also…is that jellyfish really that big????

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