Unusual Photographs

Horse Chases Dog

Menacing Car

Shoe Motorcycle

Funny Image On Plane

Huge Beer Fridge

Kittens Hugging

Crecent Moon At Sunset

Toilet Bicycle

Big Fire, Small Bucket

Hoopty Passes Lambo

Bear On Golf Course

Huge Jellyfish

Dog Bites Cop

Motorcycle Crash - Rider Airborne

Little Kid Sandwhiched On Motorcycle

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280 Responses to Unusual Photographs

  1. Joe says:

    That was fun. Thanks.

  2. Breno Leitao says:

    Man, What cool photos.
    The man trying to stop the fire is the funniest. 🙂

    See You
    Breno Leitao

  3. Andres says:

    The guy from the second picture is 8 cops ahead of me.

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  5. gwowlybear says:

    Awesome pics, cant say i feel sorry for the coppa though lol.

  6. Benone says:

    Really nice photos. Poor kid.

  7. Richard lagsit says:

    the cop that was bitten by K9 was so funny, dogs knows
    whose violating the LAW!!

  8. Diviner says:

    Hey… very cute photos 😉

  9. gal says:


  10. Buck Moravec says:

    Any info on the jellyfish ?

  11. gerfaut says:

    Not bad man. Pavel

  12. What a cool and diverse collection of images, I am sharing them with my friends, well done!

  13. cGK says:

    yeah these were cool, thanks

  14. markdbd says:

    Very cool ones, the cat & dog photo is great 🙂

  15. aL says:

    thanks for posting those amusing pictures. Personally, the car tally one is my favorite.

  16. gillo says:

    The diver is going to be abducted…

  17. mwh says:

    According to Wikipedia, the largest known jellyfish is the Lion’s Mane, which can reach 8 feet in diameter. The jelly in the photo looks quite a bit larger than that. Could it be a doctored image?

  18. Julio says:

    Any info on the jellyfish? yeah, it’s a fake

  19. j says:

    buck its a photoshop image…

  20. Ron Bushman says:

    Great photos, thanks.

  21. One Player says:

    hahaaa hard to notice the small child on the motorcycle 😛

  22. محمد says:

    pls send new programs
    thanking and regards

  23. Louis Bourassa says:

    Awesome pictures, decent content and quite amusing to view.

  24. Jiffo says:

    Wow man, those paintings are great! I can’t believe the jelly fish one. Well, actually I can belive it. My cousin saw one. He was fishing and it came right out and ate his sandwich! Can you believe it? I couldn’t. Well, actually I could.


    Sarah (you know the “one”)

  25. Loz says:

    That’s disturbing. Highly disturbing. But funny as hell all the same.

  26. villa says:

    great pictures,greets from Belgium

  27. Mr. Lemonieu says:

    Yeas, i am le french
    das ist gut pitcturques
    i like. very much
    thankyou, visti mein vebsite
    dankies mauchos grasi

  28. emad attar says:

    hi emad how are you ? i hope to enjoy by this

  29. jp71006 says:

    Jiffo: You comments were better than the paintings.

  30. EDDIE O says:


  31. saeedeh says:

    it was beautiful pic

  32. ems says:

    slowly lamborgini pic. is very nice…

  33. that’s very interesting. thank you.

  34. Alex says:

    Here’s an undoctored photo of the jellyfish (Echizen kurage).

  35. Behzad says:

    This is a good album.Thank you for this fun work.
    Have a nice time

  36. hizuka says:

    wahahahhah!!!!!… thats all i can say^_^

  37. dreamcore says:

    Jellyfish used in edit above: http://diverssite.com/billeder/diverssiteintern/giant_jellyfish.jpg

    Story and a real photo with diver: http://www.cdnn.info/news/eco/e051208a.html

    Still pretty damn big.

  38. Daisy says:

    I wish MY bathroom had such a view! If you don’t mind the bare asses, that is a beautiful picture! :0)

  39. dreamcore says:

    Actually, I am mistaken. Clearly the first photo I posted is the edit…hm.

    In any case, more here: http://images.google.com/images?&q=+echizen+kurage&btnG=Search


  40. alper says:

    superb really

  41. Ali says:

    hey man !!

    it was cool!!!!!!!

  42. 4avo says:

    very very nice pics very funy ;P

  43. lord says:


  44. chuck says:

    I recognize one from a fark photoshop contest (the jellyfish).

  45. Vaughn says:

    Way cool pics; the two nerds on the motorcycle should be arrested for infantacide!

  46. juju says:

    very good

  47. feliz says:

    muy interesantes, gracias.

  48. colin says:

    What exactly is the point of including that highly dodgy photoshop composite of the diver and the jellyfish??? Is it to start up a ‘photoshop or not’ dialogue? If it is then it has worked, obviously, as I wouldn’t be ranting here. If not were you taken in by it and if you weren’t do you not feel that people may think “well, if that’s been doctored then have any of the others?”

  49. chugga says:

    awesome photos man. where did you get ’em.

  50. di says:

    i really had fun looking at those pictures 😀 but that poor baby on the motorcycle…

  51. Ali Akbar says:

    so funny
    thanks man!!

    keep it up…

  52. wo.anderer says:

    man that high heel motorcycle must be a real drag 😛

  53. ipods - the 100% anti-taco says:

    That poor, poor child.

  54. Aniket says:

    HA Ha Ha hA hahahahahahahahahah…..

  55. Ed Evans says:

    Is that jellyfish a manipulated photo, or is it really as big as it looks? If it is the latter, it is incredible to the extent of being almost unbelievably large. I’ve done a lot of diving, but I’ve never seen anything like that, or even close to that, size. Any information available about that picture (like where it was taken, etc.)?

  56. Mikey B says:

    great pictures, really craked me up!

  57. maya says:

    great pictures….fun too…!

  58. Ralph Barhydt says:


  59. AHB says:

    That was great !!

  60. lauls says:


  61. emz says:

    Жестокоооооооо :))))))))

  62. keith13 says:

    Crikey, more comments than pictures – but worth them. Why did the police dog attack make me laugh so much?

  63. turil says:

    lol ! funny yes it is !

  64. Chris says:

    Its a fuckin cool experience

  65. sanam says:

    thanks alot

  66. Adam Eldredge says:

    are all the people asking about the jellyfish being real serious??? hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  67. mahdokht says:

    the pics r great

  68. Reza says:

    interesting ! :p
    best Wishez

  69. dr. seuss! says:

    very funny! made me :). post more! i luve funny pics. mi favorite was the tally on the car. hee hee it has hit many things before.

    bye now!


  70. hani says:

    Thats very nice
    it is a good site!!!! THANK YOU:D

  71. Mike Yee says:

    Woah! Some of these photos are definitely bizarre!

  72. Henry Lan says:

    NICE PICTURES, it was fun, keep it up 🙂

  73. Maryam Sabahi says:

    thanx a million . i love them all . GORGEOS .

  74. mojdeh says:

    really exciting.you made me so fun.

    thank you .

  75. Bill Dow says:

    Some funny and some very interesting pictures, enjoyed them all!

  76. ni says:

    so cool,tnx 😀

  77. nikoo says:

    so interesting and cool pic

  78. om-girl says:

    absolutely hilarious. thanks for the nice, long laugh.

  79. phantom says:

    Extremly cool pics, but didnt quite get the second picture?

  80. zahack says:

    hi tanks for nice picture

  81. Mary says:

    Really cool pics

  82. frenchie says:

    Fantastique. Merci beaucoup. Vive La France!!!!!

  83. White Camry says:

    #1: I hope that horse isn’t gelded ‘cuz that shot should be on a breeder’s webpage.

    #2: Death Race 2006!

    #3: Did Jesse James make that for Sandra Bullock or Meryl Streep?

    #4: Notice how that’s painted on the side which pilots don’t board?

    #5: Too risky. I mean, if you’re kegging and you need a ladder …

    #6 Crazy kids!

    #7: How em-bare-ass-ing!

    #8: And he still needs to lock it up?!

    #9: Emmet Kelly lives!

    #10 You really don’t want to try that near a RR crossing

    #11: Caddy! The AK-47!

    #12: Nice digital work.

    #13: He didn’t quite get the point of the lesson at K9 camp.

    #14: He did that just to make the Sunday sports reels!

    #15: Does Child Protection know about this?

  84. RAQUEL says:


  85. albalooshy says:

    i relly love irani women iam from saudia

  86. Jimminee says:

    Haaa!! That’s really neato!!! Thanks a lot for putting those pics on the internets!

  87. maryam says:

    very very intresting for me

  88. ALICE says:


  89. Lez says:

    Brillianto !

  90. Sue says:

    Thanks…Les. Love the bear on the green. Would have a thing or two to say to the couple on the bike! Unbelievable..

  91. Reetu says:

    SUPERB …………………………..

  92. Nelson Muntz says:

    Ha! Ha!

  93. somegirl0010 says:

    yey for this site!

  94. tala says:

    So CoOl !!!!!!

  95. Joaquin says:

    this is too funny the motorcycle guy and the lil kid too funny being sandwhiched

  96. ee says:

    I like ur photos, plz send to me. thanks.

  97. kian says:

    hello all
    im bahman from iran
    thats so nice

  98. great says:

    great photos indeed!

  99. aroha says:

    Great piks. Nice to have a giggle for the day.

  100. Bob says:

    Wow, awesome pictures. I had a good laugh!

  101. Diviner says:

    Hey this too cute, many visitors of my blog go here and tell me your photos are so interesting 🙂

  102. ندا says:

    خوب ذخی

  103. Krystal says:

    Very cool, I really like the jellyfish hard to believe they can grow that big!

  104. matiz says:

    the best Skoda!!!its wonderfool car!!

  105. Ron says:

    Great pics. I love the fire shot and the flying moto-bike guy. Thanks

  106. Drink says:

    no no no, całkiem ciekawe te fotki:D:D

  107. pero says:

    very good indeed..


  108. ali says:

    kheili axaye toopi bood hall kardim……!!!!!!!!!!

  109. ALI says:


  110. Zo says:

    can jellyfish really get that HUMONGOUS? makes you wonder what’ll happen if you get stung by that thing! heheh.. i liked the 10th image– opposite sides of the road with cars on the opposite sides of the car cost spectrum 😀 great work!

  111. hamid says:

    my name is hamid (from iran ) this picture very very nice and very funny picture

  112. Shoz@ says:

    hi hi, not bad, U could better hehhehehhehe, just jokking,
    would U sent me more Funny Pix, I will be happy


  113. bkk says:

    cool pics. definitely cool.

  114. abtin rezaie says:

    hi,very good and perfect.

  115. Wonderful pictures !!

  116. simin says:

    wonderful! very beautiful pics!

  117. kenneth wilkie says:

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnny pictures..love the first one…killer horse..hahaha—keep on pushing.


  118. Sara Marie Jordan says:

    I love everyone of them…..Thankyou….

  119. run says:

    ja pierdole ło żesz kurfa!

  120. ....::::Kasiunia::::.... says:

    Hah fajne te foty tylko że czterech fot nie kapuje.

  121. cristjan says:

    wowwwww … ylikõvad pildid … eriti veel see mendiga …


    wowwwww … pretty cool pictures … mostly that,where the K9 bites the swat guy 😛

  122. huj says:

    lubie jeść kupe

  123. saghar says:

    all of them are funny ……:d

  124. shermin says:

    awesome !!!!!!!!!!!! thanks more plz!! 🙂

  125. i_i says:

    the fait taking over the Lambo, nice one, and taht poor baby, good pics

  126. mohsen says:

    all of them are funny ……:d

    Comment by

  127. moh_mov says:

    it s very wonder full!!!

  128. abc says:


  129. Ziab says:

    Those people on the motorcycle should be shot. Nice that they wear helmets to ensure their own safety, but the fact that someone would endanger their child like that nauseates me. I swear there should be some sort of test you have to take before being allowed to procreate.

  130. melika says:

    the photos were really funny,
    thanks alot

  131. متين says:

    مرسي ازسايت

  132. IRAN says:


  133. all of them were funny .
    thank you


  134. Pitviper says:

    I love your pics
    you have a nice site.

    Peace be with you 🙂

  135. ebrahim safa says:

    salam mamnon az sayte khobeton

  136. mashiyat says:

    so cool good.love u

  137. avril says:

    soooooooooooooo funy pictures!!!thank you for all of them… perfect!!! good luck ….

  138. faran says:

    wonderful pics ! tnx a lot !

  139. Rory says:


    Two thumbs up.

  140. figco says:

    belle foto grande il bambino in moto schiacciato fra i genitori

  141. mostafa says:

    these were very god
    tank u

  142. nazi says:

    fantastic pics!i enjoyed them

  143. با مزه 🙂

  144. Alx says:

    Perfect… some are right saying “Hungry bear plays not…” and “now is the time for all good men to get some (money and…) beer”. Let divers have the jellyfish for dinner, you must better feed it to the flames…
    Obviously the losing competitor’s manufacturer has missed to immediately buy the racing photo from you to prevent you publish this sniper shot. Outdated way of thinking! He has lost twice! May be I am mistaken but I think the winner is Skoda. If it is Skoda, title it “Buy Skoda. It runs.” and sell it to Skoda. If it is not Skoda it is worthy of straw to find what’s it. Whatever it is, the manufacturer will surely be generous enough!
    The liberal press wiil be delighted to have both the dogs supporting the local sheriff… Both, for sure!
    Good luck. Thank you!

  145. waldo says:

    love the photos,the beer fridge one reminds me a lot of a guy called darius in scotland

  146. niloo says:

    the kittens hugging was very cute thanks for these nice pictures

  147. Chris says:

    Thes pics are cool 😀
    the jellyfish is masive lol!

  148. Reverend Lady says:

    I am not an advocate of vehicular manslaughter but I must say that car was a scream!
    The beer-erator is larger than my own? Time for a better one, I WILL NOT be outdone!
    The only thing I’m wondering is about the jellyfish…I know they get awfully large but methinks that one is a fake?

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  150. matty says:

    that was my lamborghini thieving space monkey!!!

  151. rajagopal says:

    Too good and humorous I like all of them

  152. Your photos look so unusual that they look quite cool. Somebody should put an exhibition for them

    Don Lapre is a Superstar

  153. James says:


  154. Margot says:

    Great photo’s.

  155. mateo says:

    love the airplane thanks

  156. michelle says:

    Really nice photos.
    The cat and the dog rules!!:D:D

  157. sara. says:

    hahah siiick pictures
    i love them


  158. Gwendal says:

    Its so cool !!!!im crasy about that kind of fun,keep going mate!!!i enjoy it so much…………
    Gwendal(french)living in Australia

  159. Jiffo says:

    jp71006 (if that is really your name), I say thank you for your comment comment. I painted a picture of you, based on what you look like in real life, and I’ll send it to you in the mail. Except I don’t have your address, so it might go to someone else. But it is a nice painting, so they won’t MIND! hahhah. Anyway, those paintings are pretty good. The jellyfish isn’t really real, I was just joking about the sandwich. Only joking.

  160. Nadia says:

    That was so cool, the horse chasing the dog was my favorite.

  161. Mike says:

    great pictures, always like humorous pictures. What a refrigerator. Smart dog. Keep them coming.

  162. Mohit says:

    Kool Pics Dear
    do paste more of them..

  163. Julia says:

    Cool pictures ! Some of them are wrong but funny lol 🙂

    Check my pix out too http://www.bontb.com i stumbleupon you!

  164. Cruise says:

    Nice pics. Funniest pics I have ever seen.

  165. Cindy says:

    Talked about wicked funny! LOL

  166. Trixen says:

    Is that funny? ooooh yeeees!
    Please more where that come from.

  167. Skalman says:

    nice i think the horse is saying: Me first!! 😀

  168. k8inhawaii says:

    “# Andres Says:
    June 15th, 2006 at 9:02 pm

    The guy from the second picture is 8 cops ahead of me.”

    Who said it was a guy??

  169. Great pictures!!

    That poor kid in the last picture..

  170. mr.poppy says:

    hilarious on the mum and dad on the bike

  171. Rachel says:

    The jellyfish is real, and probably from japan. Due to increase in plankton population, this rare species has grown in size and population. They are getting caught in fishing nets everywhere and have started to show up on the shelves as a snack! EEEK!

  172. Very cute and funny pics!

  173. Eliza says:

    Aaaccckkk?!!? Humongo Jelly !!?!! funny pics!!!!^_^

  174. Jesenjin says:

    Where have you got the burning building photo?
    I think it is from Sarajevo siege…. i think

  175. Natalie says:

    Wow, what great pictures! 🙂

  176. Justin says:

    That was great my favourite was the baby squished betwen the obeese pepol
    HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. Dave says:

    Those are some awesome pictures.

  178. jean says:

    Is that a kid in between the man and the woman on the motorcyle? And couldn’t he at least put a shirt on over that pot belly?

  179. Bharat Pepiya says:

    It was really fantastic, fun and also imagination what is going on in the world.

  180. bev says:

    very nice assortment!

  181. Matt says:

    the lamborghini one i not that interesting, it is the lamborghini passing the slow car, its not in america so they are driving on the left side of the road, its not the little car pasing the lambo, its the lambo passing te little car, which i can imagine is pretty common. you can tell by the signs and license plates it is not in america.

  182. Nate says:

    The car one is kind of trick since most countries drive on the other side of the road. It is all in the perspective.

  183. Michael. (Ireland) says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures

  184. DS says:

    >> Hehe, those jellyfish do exist, can be found on the coasts of Japan. You can found info as Nomura’s jellyfish.

    I don´t know why some people say that they can only “reach” 2 meters, other people 4, and the most intelligent say that they “start” as a very BIG polyp.

    You´re welcome.

  185. cdhd2.com says:

    LOL, those photos are great! I loved the fiat overtaking the Lambo.

  186. kollege says:

    The problem with combating the jellyfish is that when they are under attack or killed, they release billions of sperm or eggs which connect in the water and attach to rocks or coral formations. when the conditions are favorable, the creatures detach from their home millions at a time and grow into more jellyfish.

  187. hi.
    that was very fun.


  188. OMG. That poor kid is getting squashed between a crotch and a lard place.

  189. Martin Bauer says:

    Cool photographs. Check out our funny photos, too!

  190. Anonymous says:


  191. Suszen says:

    I want to know where the shoe bike is located from….

  192. steve (WALES) says:

    FANTASTIC so unreal,

  193. Anonymous says:

    o this is nice die bilder sind urrr verrückt ich schwör

  194. Anonymous says:

    fuking foto

  195. Anonymous says:

    schit fotos fuk foto ffffuuuukkkk kake yea

  196. attention to details says:

    the litttle car is passing the lambo, it has its blinker on.

  197. Nosmo King says:

    really good pics, I love the goldfish in the clown suit!

  198. ari says:

    Where are the toilets on the mountain??? I must know!

  199. Anonymous says:

    The jellyfish is a fake photo.

    Comprised of two layers, the original jellyfish (Nomura’s which grow to about 2metres) and the diver has been photoshopped on


  200. Anonymous says:

    really now? computer whiz over here

  201. Anonymous says:

    It’s true that the jelly fish photo is fake. The largest jelly fish only grow up to two meters and 600 lbs.

  202. Anonymous says:

    who the hell cares if it’s real or not???

  203. Anonymous says:

    i do

  204. Anonymous says:

    wow. you guys are pathetic.

    great post! loved it!

  205. bob says:

    of course, nobody on here realizes that jellyfish can grow tentacles far past two or three meters.

    nobody realized, not surprisingly, that the picture of a beater passing a lambo has the cars on the wrong side of the road for Americans to understand this. it’s a fast moving lambo passing a small car.

    you are all such failures.

  206. iasdf says:

    explain why the small car has a left signal light on, like you are supposed to do when you pass a car, and is driving at an angle while the other car, is driving perfectly straight.

  207. S8N says:

    Bob, you are a moron. The beater is curved to the right with its blinker on, therefor it is passing the lambo. Thats why the picture is funny. Thats why it’s ironic. And a dis on Americans? Really? You are an ignorant slob.

  208. Bob Out-Realizes Bob says:

    And nobody realizes that the guy on the balcony is an arsonist and is throwing gas on the fire AND nobody realizes that horses have been omnivores since 1962 and favour a Korean diet AND nobody realizes that realize is spelt “realise” and gas is spelt “petrol”.

  209. noname says:

    your all idiots just shut up and enjoy the fucking pictures gosh idiots -_-

  210. Jerry Anderson says:


    1st to the second poster. Shut up, never criticize someone for being more knowledgeable than you in a particular subject, it’s childish and rude.

    To everyone else, why are you throwing around idiot, moron, and failure?

    Is it this difficult to merely get along, or has it become so important to assert your dominance that it requires anonymously insulting people over the internet?

    I lawled at the horse chasing the dog btw, reminds me of my Mastiff chasing my Pomeranian.

  211. Another Moron says:

    Does anyone know where the guys taking the dump in the mountains is? Or am I an idiot for not instantly realiZing that it’s a photoshopped picture and besides they don’t build wooden toilets on alpine balconies, everyone knows that!

    Ahem. Anyways, if someone knows, I’d appreciate it.

  212. Anon says:

    The beater is moving out of the way for the Lambo to overtake. It’s obviously on a European road…

  213. smart azz says:

    the plane with the toilet is photoshopped…they took the toilet pic from another picture with a man in his truck. and u can kinda tell the way it doesnt curve with the plane

  214. Anonymous says:

    white road markers indicate a one way road, so nobody can be on the wrong side of the road. just making sure you all see that too

  215. Moron as well says:

    The guy in the Lambo doesn’t really care who passes him (assuming it’s a guy). He knows, if he wants he can blow anyone off the road.

  216. Are You Retarded? says:


    First off that “Beater” is a LADA.
    Secondly, its the one doing the overtaking. It has its indicator lights on and its clearly moving out to overtake. Its doesn’t matter what country this is in, overtaking manouvers are the same you absolute morons.

    What is the problem with a Lambo driving slowly? How can you not understand that? Oh wait, its because you cant drive and you still live with your mom. Probably still being breastfed you inbred piece of filth.

    Next time mommy’s driving you over to your friends house to play vampires you should ask her to show you how to overtake another vehicle, you dipshit.

  217. Miss K. says:

    I don’t understand why any of this is cause for debate. View the pictures, enjoy them, think what you will and move on.

  218. love British English says:

    i love the use of overtake it expresses a certain dominance of the road.

  219. anonymous says:

    ya, and everyone knows bears are make believe and don’t exist.

  220. anonymous says:

    I’m a large jellyfish… I grow up to twenty meters in diameter, and feed on ignorant polar bears!

  221. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed that its the Lambo overtaking, because the signs are on the left DUH

  222. Internet Moron says:

    Looks like only that one side is on the left to me… If you look further the rest of the signs seem to be facing the other way. And seriously people, you’re getting this worked up over one picture not of particular relevance to anything in the world. Enjoy the damn thing and shut up…

  223. Anonymous says:

    i like beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. Anonymous says:

    nothing more lame than some loser that has to think he/she is helping by saying a photo is “shopped”

  225. Some of these have to be fake.

  226. andrea says:

    Some of these pictures are FAKE! ! ! Tell me that’s not true. It has to be true because I found it on the internet and nothing is false here. It has all the answers.

    Lambo is out of petrol and didn’t pull over. AND its a tuner LADA.
    Outdoor biffy leads to a sewage/manure tank for the garden under the balcony.
    The jelly fish is an unknown species, which consumed the diver and photographer right after he beamed his picture to the world via satellite camera.

  227. Mosaic says:

    Man, I loved the last image.. If they did not point the kid with an arrow I would not see it.. Felt sorry for the kid..

  228. Meh says:

    Guy on bike

    “fuk this i’m flyin to the finish line”

  229. alex says:

    i love that pic

  230. Dingo says:

    Where the hell is this goldfish in a clown suit? I don’t see it.

  231. the comments are better than any of the pictures anyway

  232. Anonymous says:

    Obviously both of the cars are photoshopped, you can tell by the strange markings near the cars themselves. Get it straight everyone!

  233. Sad now says:

    Man, people really know how to ruin some funny pictures

  234. jaja says:

    I was going to post a comment, but there were already so many pointless ones.

  235. Anonymous says:

    I was going to post a comment, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  236. Norm Person says:

    That is actually my Lambo and I remember this exact moment when I was passed by that junky blue car. He ended up getting a ticket because he was speeding and I was driving the speed limit. So there the debate is settled. BTW I liked the golfers with the bear on the best, had me dying of laughter.

  237. Anonymous says:

    bet its not your lambo

  238. JJ says:

    cool pics

  239. Anonymous says:

    Last time I checked a Lamborghini Diablo wasn’t the size of a large pick up truck.

  240. F U British Bob says:

    You guys are funny. You sound like my kids.

  241. Silverstorm says:

    That jellyfish is actually a Lion’s Mane jellyfish.


    It is very real, and very large/dangerous. Gotta love Australia, the continent that will eventually grow legs and kill us all!

  242. ceri says:

    lion manes dont grow that large, and arent native to australia either. also. a sting from them isnt fatal. js

  243. arizona says:

    i like all the comments more that the pics to be honest

  244. Am i wrong? says:

    We all know why we’re here, stumbleupon brought us once again to a collection of entertaining photos. Unfortunately all you jackasses had to bicker like 1st graders and kill my buzz. Thank You.

  245. Megan says:

    Shut up and INJOY THE FUCKEN PICS. I was brought here form stumble upon thank you all for FUCKEN jackasses and ruined my time thank you thank you all

  246. Some Cunt says:

    This is just hilarious. So many idiots on here. I am so glad i’m not such a sad bastard as to participate in this meaningless and futile ‘debate’. Merry fucking Christmas .x.

  247. camilla says:

    the last one is just awful. poor kid. i feel bad for you.

  248. Mr Inky Arms says:

    Wow! Just Wow! You guys care a lot about that Lambo and Lada :-/

  249. That Guy From The Toy Store says:

    pic no. 5: 99 bottles of beer on the wall…

  250. Katizzle says:

    The fact that the 2 guys are pooping together is what gets me. also…is that jellyfish really that big????

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  271. 8pa says:

    Last time I checked a Lamborghini Diablo wasn’t the size of a large pick up truck.

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