VBS.tv Meets Bernard Kerik

Our friends over at VBS.tv nailed a no holds barred interview with Bernard Kerik, check it out:

Hey NY Nerd,

VBS.tv this week sits down with controversial NY political figure Bernie Kerik. We are all familiar with his Shakespearian tale of meteoric rise to fame under Rudy as Police Commissioner and his disgraceful crash to Earth after being nominated to be Secretary Of Homeland Security. A week after being nominated Kerik withdrew his nomination explaining that he had employed an illegal immigrant as a nanny. Whoops! Once the string was pulled the sweater came undone. Numerous allegations began to surface and in 2006 pled guilty to two unrelated ethics violations and forced to pay $221,000. He is also currently under investigation by the Feds.

But for all the negative, he is still loved and admired by many in political and social circles. Taking on almost a G. Gordon Liddy type character viewed by many as an American patriot.

We get into it all with him.

– Views on the 2008 Election and why he thinks Rudy was and is the best candidate for America and that Barack Obama helps to spread the lies about him
– That conspiracy theorists are “retarded”
– His signed book by Motley Crue and tales of the Queen of England
– His role in Iraq as Minister of Interior of Iraq and why General Sanchez’s characterization of his time there as a waste is incorrect. That Sanchez’s greatest failure was not killing Muqtada al-Sadr
– His unapologetic support for the War on Terrorism and for those tactics which are harsher than most
– His 5th degree black belt and attack dogs

Check out VBS Meets Bernie Kerik – http://www.vbs.tv/video.php?id=1898293056

One must wonder what it would have been like if things had gone differently. What would Bernard Kerik have been like in George Bush’s cabinet? What would his role have been in the administration of a President Giuliani? Director of the FBI, perhaps? Or maybe Secretary of Defense? The halls of the Pentagon would have never been the same.

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  1. I.M. Cynical says:

    Benie Kerik is a thug! I’m glad he got taken down! Now they should get him for insider trading on Taser!

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