W Lied License Plate

W Lied License Plate

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9 Responses to W Lied License Plate

  1. Surprising that hasn’t been vandalized yet.

  2. Kmuzu says:

    Too bad .. it doesn’t a license frame that says, “and soldiers died”

    Nice post .. thanks

  3. Andrew Sav says:

    I like the fact they’ve put a FSM badge on it. It’s good to see his noodly appendage reaching out and touching others. Praise be.

  4. geoffludt says:

    It’s funny how W didn’t lie until Kerry had to explain his flip-flop on the Iraq war. Ever since, it’s been a convenient revision for Dem’s of all ilk to disingenuously oppose the President. W’s lies are nothing to the lies Dem’s have to tell themselves to reconcile their seemingly disparate waffling.

  5. Fred Thompson says:

    My name is Fred Thompson. Like all Republicans, I’d
    eat human stool for money.

  6. Rob says:

    Poster #4 is a neocon.

  7. jake3988 says:

    Yes, #4 doesn’t understand dems (and the american people) were served said lie and thus reacted with a ‘yes’ vote.

    Anyway, this is New York not Alabama. The former is pretty democratic. The latter would probably burn your car.

  8. Julius says:

    If he hadn’t lied, ya might just be putting out fires in this country. You “bush lied” folks need to quit creepin’ out the rest of us. Everyone lies to get what they want. Including “bush lied” people. Doubtfull that this car owner would fight for anything, much less ensure his own country doesn’t burn. I am not the cliche patriot. I am simply willing to blow the poop out of those who want to blow the poop out of us. And don’t tell me that isn’t the issue. I trust Bush as much as anyone can trust a politician, but I would trust this jack-leg car owner about as far as I can throw his car. Its a nasty world, and none of us are free from blood on our collective hands. Don’t sully the memory of the dead soldiers who were willing enough to do the dirty job asked of them by “us.” I’ll give him all the gas he wants for this car to go forth, find bin laden and ask him to stop farting around with everyone. Ya…calling the only national leader who is willing to stick his neck out and get his head handed to him repeatedly, a lier. Big man…Ah that felt good. 8^)

  9. Julius says:

    Oh by the way #7…I am from Florida, which is probably close enough for your taste. We wouldn’t burn the car. We’d just knock the owner one in the choppers. His property is safe with us; along with his right to say it. So get off your “primitive hicks from the South” attitude trip please.

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