Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Prices

I will never spend another dollar at Walmart as long as I shall live. I just watched the movie Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Prices, they are perhaps the most evil corporation in the history, and I believe they are destroying America, with an astounding amount of devastation already done. They get over $1 billion dollars a year from state and local governments in the form of subsidies in order to build new locations. Those locations inevitably put the local businesses out of business. Those locations pay their employees such low wages, and offer such horrible health care, that most of their employees are on government aid including Welfare and Medicaid.

People think they save money when they buy something at Walmart, but the low price is completely artificial, and has aleady cost you way more than the $1.42 you saved.

You should watch this movie, Walmart is a nightmare!!! Love America, Hate Walmart!!!!

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