Watch This Before You Enlist

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4 Responses to Watch This Before You Enlist

  1. asimpleguy says:

    you are a defeatist.

    now iraq is a little free thanks to these guys

  2. GeoPol says:

    Yes, thanks to these guys… that’s why we owe them better & not have our military recruiters mislead them.

  3. nynerd says:

    That’s exactly right GeoPol. I don’t think asimpleguy watched the video.

  4. BigFish says:

    after watching the video and hearing what everyone said, and the recent problems that former millitary officers had, and that they dont want you to know everything is scary!!!!!!!!!! All they want is more bodies and dont care about what happens to you. Yes, it is a bit safer over there, but at what cost????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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